Hello, everyone,

We are happy to announce that the opening of our test server is coming very soon! With that being said, we are beginning the process of inviting players to our test server.

The first wave of players that will be invited to the test server are a list of fairly prominent members from all over the community that The Crew has decided would be quality additions to the Semi-Public Testing Server. These community members have been decided on in advance and will receive emails containing their invitation and how to log in to the testing server, once it is ready. This group will serve as initial testers for the server before it is opened up to more players.

When the first invitations are sent, do not fret if you did not receive an email. Our next step will be to open an application page for others to apply for our test server. These testers will be evaluated through a set of criteria that we have created. We will have more information about the application process and the criteria for testers in a future post on the TLOPO website titled: “Calling All Testers: Test Server Now Live!”

If you have any questions, please refer to our Forums discussion post here.

-Teague & Macbatten