Well, it be that time of year again when the Caribbean is decorated with Yuletide cheer. The green palms and red bows can be seen in shops, buildings and even on the docks. Sandmen are standing guard with their stockings full of grenades in case Jolly be making an uninvited visit to our shores. I even heard tale that Character Selection be looking and sounding festive with a holiday ship, sandmen and music.

Speaking of music. Holiday music can be heard from all musicians. You can find them in all the taverns, save my sister who be found in our shop on Tortuga, Yuletide Manor.

Our Yuletide Manor has re-opened for the season as well. You can find all the items we had previously. This year, we will be adding more during the course of the month. I expect you be liking the new wares that will be coming. Keep looting those Moonstones anywhere in the Caribbean so you can purchase exclusive winter weapons here!

Don't forget to stop by the peddlers and pick up a new holiday outfit or two. I do believe that the Winter Festival outfit be there as well. Can't go wrong dressed in Yultide cheer yourself!

Keep an eye out for more news of this Winter Festival's 12 Days of Celebration!