By now you have heard about the nefarious Captain Zephyr Windshadow, but what you don’t know about are his capabilities. Before you engage this fearsome foe, you must know about the Storm Sphere, his weapon of choice.

The Storm Sphere was powered by the Shrine of the Watcher, an altar that held incredible voodoo properties. The vile captain weasled his way into our town with only one motive in sight: that very same shrine. For months, he dug his way into the rock behind our town hall, searching for his prize. When Windshadow finally arrived at the Watcher's burial, he changed Hollowed Woods forever.

Using his dark voodoo magic, Windshadow absorbed the Watcher's power and encapsulated it into a single sphere. Her essence, her very life, manifested itself into electricity that he now controlled.

With this haunted grenade, Windshadow became one of the most powerful men in the Caribbean. Be wary of this weapon, for its Maelstrom Charge is enough to seriously harm the even strongest pirate.

This grenade is critical for Windshadow to escape from the Town Hall, it’s much too powerful for my spell. I need you to get here before it’s too late. Help me stop him! If you manage to survive, you can maybe steal the Storm Sphere off his hands. I wish you the best of luck.

Fair winds,