Hear ye, hear ye! The office of the esteemed Brigadier Everrard Baldwin of the Royal Navy accounces to all Sailors and ship owners that he and the Governors of our glorious Caribbean islands have heard your request! All Sailors and ship owners may now register a NEW ship name with their local governments and Royal Navy outposts of their said residence for a fee. All Shipwrights on the main islands of the Caribbean are deemed our official representatives in filing this claim with the Royal Navy.

Any ship may be registered with a new name, regardless of the size or state that the ship may be in, whether brand new or scuttled. The fee will increase each time the ship is renamed, stacking much like the fees that the Skill Trainers use. This will only affect each individual 'Pirate' on a case-by-case basis and does not carry across throughout the 'account.' This means that if a ship is renamed thrice on your 'Preferred Pirate,' it will not affect any of the other 'Pirates,' and their ships that they may have, on said account.

For any more information on other additions included in this update that you have so long coveted, please see the Crew's post of their release notes found here.