My name is Selena, and I'm here today to promote a little something to all of you. A few months back, I opened up shop in Truehound's Tailoring. I got a good number of customers, but I thought to myself, "It's been awhile, Selena! Find some new clientele!" So here I am, and here is my little spiel:

Have you ever thrown away a quest reward and want to get it back? Well, that is possible! I heard there was an opportunity to make myself some gold, so I began sifting through trash around the Caribbean and collected these valuable items. When I heard rumblings of people wanting some of these items back, I knew my opportunity for gold was finally here!

There are many vendors just like me, you can find us in shops or on the streets of the main islands! Us vendors sell specific items, the ones you find in the tailor shops will sell lost quest clothes, tattoo parlors will have a vendor there selling quest tattoos as well as… well, you catch my drift. Find the matching shop and splurge your gold on your lost items!

Another fun note for all you female pirates out there, you can purchase ostrich hats from the Clothing Fit for a Pirate and Adoria's Family quests through the vendors!


Fair winds,