Why if it innit me favorite customer! …...No, no, of course I don't say that to all me customers, y' scurvy mongrel! And here I had somethin' special to show ye… aye, new garb! From tomorrow until July 31st, ye can come down to any of the peddlers and take a look at the never-before-seen Amber Bandit! A very fine and special outfit it is, went through a lot of trouble to get it….. no it didn't fall off the back of a galleon!

Or if that isn't to yer liking, we have The Diplomat back in stock! That one is always a best seller whenever we can steal… I mean, procure more of it. ‘Course we have something coming up fer Father's Day too, so keep yer eyes open for it! Now if ye still want to get the Military Commander uniform, or the mysterious new Lost Keeper clothes, ye only have until June 30th to get ‘em, so hurry over to me stall on Tortuga, or else find th' other peddlers on Port Royal, Padres del Fuego, and Cuba where they be marked by the shirt icon on your map!

Fair winds until next time!