It's that time of month once again! Tomorrow, my shop will be brimming with new clothes for you to try on! For the month of May, you can purchase the Military Commander outfit. The Military Commander gear is perfect for any pirate who takes their fashion seriously, be sure to wear it proudly!

We peddlers also have a little bit of a surprise for you this month. What is it? Why, it's a brand new outfit called The Lost Keeper! You're going to have to visit one of our stores on Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres del Fuego, or Cuba in order to check it out! As always, if you're lost, you can locate us on the map denoted by the shirt icon.

Oh, an update on my store: currently my inventory schedule has the April outfits out of stock by May 31st. However, you have plenty of time to purchase the outfits for May, they will be available until June 30th. I also have an incoming shipment of the Wildfire outfits coming in for Mother's Day so make sure you have some spare doubloons lying around!


Always a pleasure doing business,

Peddler Phillip