It brings us great joy to bring you our next update. It’s been some time since our last one and we truly appreciate your patience. We’ve been hard at work getting this update ready with some new features. Without further ado, let's dive into an overview of what’s new!

To start, Quest Rewards vendors have now been added to the game. If you missed our last Developer Insider, these vendors allow you to purchase quest items that you may have trashed in the past. The vendors can be found on all of the main islands in the shops as well as the streets. And don’t you worry, you can only purchase these items once you have completed the proper quest.

Several of the factions in the Caribbean have now been given their own flags! Davy Jones’ crew, Ghosts, Jumbees, and Bounty Hunters all have their own unique faction portraits. These factions used to all appear as part of Jolly Roger’s crew. You can see these portraits in action next to health bars on land or at sea!

One problem we’ve heard from you all is the lack of incentive to do the weapon upgrade quests. We are happy to announce that all of the weapons from these quests have now been improved in rarity, attack power, and damage. You can always purchase them again from the previously mentioned vendors if you trashed the items.

New options settings have finally made their arrival to the Caribbean as well!  Anti-aliasing as well as anisotropic filtering are now able to be toggled, high-dynamic-range imaging (HDR) is currently not functional yet but we hope to release that soon. All of these new settings should allow your Caribbean experience to look much prettier! Keep an eye out for a spotlight post in the future to explain these options more in-depth!

The “Closest Targets” tracker for quests has now be enabled and improved. This tracker allows you to locate your closest quest target. We hope this improves your questing experience significantly! In addition, behind-the-scenes quest tracking has been improved significantly!

With this update, a ton of bugs have also been fixed. Read our release notes here for the full rundown!

As we said in our past Insider post, a lot more is to come. We once again, thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy this update!


Fair Winds,

The Crew