Ahoy, all ye buccaneers and seadogs!

I’m here to tell ye about this month’s peddler offerings. We have the ever popular Capt. Black this month, which is quite a fine outfit for any captain with its gold trim and frou-frou hat the size of a sloop. Or if gold isn’t yer thing… what kind of pirate are you? Errr... I mean we have the French Privateer, which is a rich sapphire blue set with silver trimmings. Both of these will be available until May 31st.

O’course if ye still would rather have Capt. Blood’s outfit, or the Emerald Duelist’s clothes, ye have until April 30th to snatch ‘em before they’re gone. Ye can visit any of the peddlers across Port Royal, Tortuga, or Padres del Fuego, or ye can always come see me on Cuba when ye need to unload some swag from yer latest plundering anyway.

Until next month! Smooth sailin’ be yers mates!