Good day, lads and ladies. I've come on your shores to deck your halls with boughs of Holly Frost! Yessir, that's my name, and I am here to spread goodwill and cheer this merry season. If you stop by the Yuletide Manor on Tortuga, my husband and I can provide you with various goodies such as new holiday weapons to suit your needs for this frosty time of year. We'll be here for the foreseeable future - just take heed. We will be headed back to our home island come January 31st.

Ah, the best things in life are free, though! If you find yourself lacking in holiday cheer after a visit to our manor, do not fret. The holidays are a special time indeed, full of various surprises and wonder. My advice to you, darling? Keep an open eye -- and an open heart.

Happy Holidays from the Frost Family!