November 1st - 3:36 a.m: I peer outside my window after being awoken from a deep stupor, for the sound clanging of bells and what seem to be building material echo through the dead of the night.

November 24th - 2:11 a.m: After bearing witness to these mysterious sounds on irregular days but at the same time interval as the first, I notice a change in the pattern with the movements occurring an hour earlier than usual. As with the last five times, I have not found the source of the sounds despite having searched for it for hours.

November 27th - 1:11 a.m: Working late night on a last-minute delivery for a sword for a decorated Navy veteran allows me to finally discover the answer to my troubles. I stealthily follow behind two men who trudge through the grass, with various items in their grasp. They walk into a larger group of men, so I quickly turn around back to the smithery.

November 28th - 7:12 a.m: I set out to retrace my steps from last night. I notice a trail of cement in the grass leading into the outskirts of Tortuga, where there seems to be an old building in the final stages of its renovation. This building… it was rumoured to be cursed after its family went missing. Why is it being done away from the eyes of the rest of the world? How in the Lord's name did this happen in this never-sleeping island, without at least one townsfolk raising an alarm?

December 2nd - 5:30 a.m: In addition to the movements from the usual interval, I notice something which I cannot explain. Some outsiders who recently placed an order for some fresh weaponry were trotting around the same trail. I follow them as they headed down to the docks, far away from where the crowd gathers for their unabating celebrations, where they meet a hooded figure. They disperse into the crowd.

December 5th - 5:30 a.m: The crew of outsiders makes their way down towards the manor. I stalk them from the window of the attic and notice that they seem to be in a daze, with their eyes affixed on something blue that glows in their hands. They return around an hour later, still in bewilderment, walking with no change in their pace and no words exchanged. I walk back to the manor and overhear two people discussing that a “larger shipment” can be expected to arrive within a fortnight.

Something sinister be going down in the island methinks. I worry for the fate of the people in the town if it’s nearly as bad as I think it could be.