Listen close t' me, pirates. Y' know already that the seal on the Hollowed Woods was broken, and by my reckoning it will be several more weeks before it be sealed again.

But I hear secrets whispered on the winds in those woods. Things of ancient powers and dark magics coming to the surface of the world once more, long lost and rightfully so. Artifacts of legendary power. I hear the groans of an ancient tree as it succumbs to rot and it is forced t' give up that which it once protected. And I hear The Watcher as she sees all and laughs at th' mortals who come so willingly to be her victims.

All ye pirates who so foolishly covet powers that ye don't understand, hear my warning. The Watcher sees all, right down to the greed in yer soul. She lies in wait for ye to come to her, knowing that she doesn't need to hunt ye down when she has what ye seek. So beware if ye enter the Hollowed Woods, ye might never leave.