Come closer, child! Come listen!

My sister Myrna and I have been quite happy to see all you plucky pirates return to our woods this fall. We were quite lonely all those months - especially with that ghastly Watcher apparition lurking about! We just barely kept her out of our wagon with a protective incantation. But now that you're back, we need no longer keep that spell going!

As thank you for fending off that ghoul once again, Myrna and I crafted some special new items for you all! Adorned with a fiery spirit, the Magma Blunderbuss will burn terror into the hearts of all your enemies!

We also took one of Jolly's godforsaken vestiges and turn 'em into a weapon of his own. The poor chap. But he wasn't being too productive as a deranged thrall of Ol' Roger, was he? Nevertheless, he can be useful to ye now as the Corpse Staff!

And finally, we have the Navigator's Staff. I fastened a lovely healing orb atop an old cane. Should have some lovely properties for protecting your fellow pirate brethren.

Oh! And before I forget. Our lovely tailor Jonathan Fairbanks told me he's crafted two new outfits for ye as well! Be sure to visit his shop.

Thank you again, all ye scallywags! You truly have hearts of gold.