Ahoy, mates!

Happy Halloween, and Happy 11th Anniversary! 11 years ago today, Pirates Online opened its doors. We’re so happy to be continuing this adventure of pirates with you all for another year!

At midnight, when the evil forces are at their peak, the entrance to Hollowed Woods will BREAK open!

Visit Anne Goldsilver across from the Port Royal Jail to pick up the annual "Haunting in Hollowed Woods" quest. Thar be a double experience reward if ye help her...

Be sure to visit the Event Rewards stores in Hollowed Woods for exclusive clothing, weapons, and tattoos. All selections from last year are still available. New tattoos are live now, and keep an eye out for new clothing and weapons soon...

Just like last year, ye can loot bones from skeletons, jumbees, and Davy Jones’ crew. Trade these in at the shops to get yer goods.

Have a haunted Halloween, mates. We’ll see ye about the isles. Be sure to save up bones for the coming content! We think ye’ll like what treats (or tricks?) we have in store.