Ahoy, mateys!

Thanks for givin’ Kat Repperson, the new member of our ranks a warm welcome last month! She’ll need all the business ye can give ‘er, what with her shop bein’ in the middle of an undead warzone!

This month, we’re bringin’ ye back the fan favorites Barony and French Assassin so ye can look nice and fancy for Halloween. Speakin’ o’ Halloween, we got a nice surprise flash sale as well as the return of Garb of the Undead later this month. Stay tuned!

As always, Peddler outfits last for 2 months, so ye can get Barony and French Assassin until November 30th.

As for next month? Well, just ye sit tight. Thar be an all-new fall themed outfit comin’.


Until then, fair winds, mates!