Mates, don’t forget that tonight be the night the Keepers of the Code all be gathering to discuss what ol’ wicked Jolly Roger be planning. The Keepers of the Code will appear on Tortuga starting at 8 pm ET on Bequermo, Exuma, Kokojillo and Sabada.

Now, since this here day be a special occasion on top of needin’ to make ready to face Jolly’s undead army, a certain sea-witch has put a strong enchantment on all pirates. For three days ye will get DOUBLE experience, DOUBLE gold, DOUBLE ship materials and DOUBLE odds of loot on land. That’s right lads an’ lasses! Double ALL yer plunder! Be quick, this powerful voodoo spell only lasts until 12 am ET on September 22. Use this valuable gift wisely! Go find stronger weapons and gain more experience. We’re goin’ to need it if we're wantin’ to stay alive.

Sharpen yer steel, load yer pistols, ready yerselves and make way for Tortuga!