I hope this letter finds you with all haste, for I fear we do not have much time.

Jolly Roger's army seems to be abandoning their assault on Port Royal, but we do not believe he is giving up, only changing his strategy. We have reason to believe that he has a new aim, but such information is best shared in person.

The Keepers of the Code will be gathering on Tortuga to discuss what this means, September 19th at 8 pm ET. Seek us out, as we cannot reveal our location lest this letter fall into unfriendly hands. We’ll need every able-bodied pirate to ready themselves for what Jolly Roger is planning.

Come with all due speed. You will have the gratitude of The Keepers of the Code for lending us your aid.

I am the most loyal servant of the Brethren Court,

Captain Alaina Seastone, guildmaster of The Keepers of the Code.