Ahoy, mates!

It be that time again -- UPDATE time! Game Update 1.17.0 is here with tons of new stuff for all ye vagabonds! Let’s break it down, shall we?

First up: Functional sailing items! Cannon Rams, Sea Charms, and Sea Globes now give ye some nifty power-ups! This includes Infinite Ammo, Critical Shot, and some other fun stuff! And mates, we know ye want that precious Revenant Ram. Well, ye'll be happy to know that Cannon Defense is in active development! Keep a weather eye on the horizon…

What else do we have for ye? Well, four new legendary weapons are now live! Which ones? Well, that be a secret. Where be they found? That be a secret too. Ye all be pirates. I’m sure ye’ll find these hidden treasures soon enough...

In addition, thar also be the Seven Seas Repeater group - six new repeater pistols, ripe for the taking!

On the bugfix front, we also got loads of things for ye! A ton of quest fixes are now live! Players missing the Raven’s Cove teleportation totem should find the quest in their journals! We’ve also fixed some pesky issues with dig spots! Finally, says I!

Oh, and the kicker? Tons and tons of sailing fixes! We’ve reworked cannons completely. Did ye know that cannons were the #1 source of all crashing in the game? Why, THOUSANDS of ye would be crashin’ over those pesky things. That there issue has walked the plank!

This ain’t all that we added, mates! For a full list of features, sail on over to our release notes page.