Another drink, will ye? Ah, thank ye kindly. Aye, I were off the shore of some nameless island that shall remain nameless, trackin’ a foul-tempered scorpion on behalf of some hapless farmer. Something ‘bout the giant arachnid stealing his cows…

Anyway, I tracked that eight-legged freak to the beach an’ had just raised me bow, arrow drawn back and ready to fly when I sees it. A massive fleet of powerful vessels. By the look of the ships and dress of the crew, as seen through me trusty spyglass, I assumed they be pirates. That is, until a smaller force led by a familiar pirate flagship sailed out of some hidden cove an’ attacked!

The battle were long and fierce, but m’ friend be a tactical genius and so the hunters, as I learned they was, be defeated afore too long. Some of the smaller, more damaged vessels stopped to resupply and repair their ships. I were able to negotiate some fantastic trades fer many rare materials; they done got so many from that massive fleet that they be practically giving ‘em away!

So, why be I tellin’ ye this? Good question, another round and I’ll explain. Excellent, ye has a good head on yer shoulders. So, from August 3rd t’ August 12th, at 11:59 EDT, ye can find double materials wherever mats be sold… or otherwise acquired. So get yers today, and tell ‘em Robert sent ye! As Cap’n Graves would say; take what ye can, and give nothing back!