Good to see ye all again! For that matter, it be good to see anything! My last “acquisition” of supplies was quite a “conquest”... almost had to “mutiny” to get back to Tortuga! Ah, but that be a long story... As you can see, I am here and with new outfits for this month!

We have a brand new, never seen, never worn design... the Black Mutineer! This outfit will make it easy to hide in the shadows and easy to spot the mate who is likely to lead a mutiny on yer ship... well, until the whole crew be wearing the same outfit that is.

For those of ye who like to conquer and take what is not yers... sounds like all pirates these days... the Spanish Conquistador outfit be the one ye need! It also be perfect for those of ye who fly that Spanish flag as privateers for Avaricia!

Whichever outfit ye choose, remember they only be available for a limited time… 2 months to be exact. Don’t waste yer time, get one or both while ye can!