My hands tremble as I read the third and final letter, the faded ink on yellow paper not hindering my efforts to learn its secrets:

To my dearest love,

The madness grows closer, like a predator stalking its prey, I feel it stalking my sanity. I can only hope to complete my task before it takes me.

This blade was wielded by the notorious lady pirate, Rose “Ruby” Scott. She was where I was told she would be, hiding in a tavern from evils I dare not mention, for fear of calling them down upon me. Despite the cursed fire she commanded via the sword, she will never leave the ashes of that tavern. Like the others, this weapon is a work of art; a blade of pure, fiery ruby which moves like a ribbon through the air, and can cut through even the thickest wood posts. The fire it creates does not harm the bearer, but instead consumes all who stand against them. The curse of this blade is just like the others, the same yet unique to itself; I sense these weapons’ origins are linked, joined by the same curse if not the same creator.

The things I have seen on this quest have changed me, my love. On thinking of the deal with our benefactor I thought, why give these blades to him, and let him have this power, when I can use the blades to take you back myself! I have the four cursed weapons of the ancients, I can take the Flying Dutchman by force, with an army of the dead under my command, and take control of the sea! With the power of the blades on land, and the Flying Dutchman at sea, we will be unstoppable! We can rule the world, and reshape it into our image! Bring peace to mankind and to us, by eliminating those who dared stand against us. By sending me on this quest, Davy Jones has brought about his own downfall!

Keep watch for me my love, for I will return to you soon. Once your soul is free of Jones’ curse, we will rule together forever.

My hands tremble like an old man’s as I set the letters down. So it remains unknown who penned these thoughts, or to whom they were intended. I only hope our Captain does not suffer the same fate. If he cannot be swayed from his quest, then I will make sure I am not around when the darkness claims his soul.

Be ye warned, my friends. Seeking these blades is seeking your own destruction, and finding them would be to find a fate far worse than death.