Gather ‘round mates, gather ‘round! I has excitin’ news to tell ye!

Now, ye know the unholy forces o’ Jolly Roger be doin’ thar foul work across these seas, aye? Ye know how ye always wish ye could stop ‘em in thar tracks, aye? Of course ye do; what red-blooded pirate doesn’t! Have ye ever been gridin’ away, trainin’ yer skills fer hours on end only t’ find that the enemy still laughs in yer face when he beats ye? A tragedy, says I!

This be why I summoned ye here today. Thanks to the efforts of the Brethren Court, from July 6th t’ July 15th, ye’ll earn twice the experience ye otherwise would have fer beating enemies across the Caribbean! With yer newly honed skills, ye may even be able to drive the cursed East India Trading Company off arrr shores; by the powers! Oh, but one more thing, mates. Note that the double reputation don't work with potion brewin' or fishin'. The court's voodoo practicioners couldn't crack that one just yet.

Train hard mates, I know I has skills worth sharpening. Take what ye can, and give nothin’ back