Ahoy, everyone!

We’re back for this month’s big update! This time around, we put a lot of focus on player customization (and bugfixes!). Lots of new clothing, jewelry, and tattoos are now available. Here are the details!

First thing’s first, there are new bright colors: Bright Pink, Bright Purple, and Electric Blue. You can loot ‘em anywhere, as long as you’re level 30+.

Alongside the new colors comes a slew of new dyeable items. What does this mean? It means Dark Black Long Coats, Long Skirts, Shorts, and yes, Ostrich Hats. Tons of other new items are available in bright colors now too. Ye best start lootin’!

We also added a whole other set of items, by player request: Accented Clothing. Accented items look Dark Black on their own, but with white accents. When you loot one in a bright color, only the white sections will change. Many of the new colorable hats also have accented versions, as do a few vests.

On the tattoo and jewelry front, we have a lot of fun stuff. Tattoo and jewelry stores now have different selections depending on the island you go to. Want tribal tattoos, head to Cuba! Detailed ones? Tortuga! Full chest tattoos? Padres! Same deal for Jewelers.

One more thing we want to touch on is unisex hats. Lady pirates have been “marooned on a desert island” as it were, when it comes to hats. We wanted to fix that. All Ostrich Hats, Tricornes, and EITC Hats are now unisex. All ye lasses out there can pick up tricornes and EITC hats at tailors right now. You can also loot the Dark Ostrich Hat. We know you’ll want the quest Ostrich Hats too, but that has its own set of complications that have arisen, ensued, and will be overcome, savvy? Stay tuned.

In celebration of Ostrich Hats for all, you can redeem the code RED by June 17th for your very own Red Ostrich Hat!

But that’s not all! This summer is just beginning! We have a lot of fun stuff coming. A Double Gold event is live NOW and will last until June 17th. Stay tuned for Double Experience and Double Materials in July and August respectively. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t spotlight the Father’s Day event coming later this month. Be sure to do the quest for double XP, mates!

This isn’t where we’re stopping! We’ll of course continue to update the game over the course of the summer. Keep yer eye out! PvPers, we’ve got some fun stuff for you, beyond the new items we added at Infamy Vendors. Keep a weather eye on the horizon!

Have fun about the isles, mates! Enjoy this lovely Caribbean summer!

~ The Crew @ The Legend of Pirates Online