Ahoy, maties! Tiffany Tones here, ready to play ye a tune of yer choosing; for a small fee of course.

Aye, I am new to the area, but after traveling around most of me life, I am ready to settle down and make a right honest living. Which is why you’ll be able to find me right here, at the Faithful Bride, from now until Judgement Day!

Now, I ain’t the only new act in town either; there’s Felix and Fleur Berlioz, they set up shop on Ile d'Etable de Porc. There there’s Willa Winds and Grace Truesilver; they’re playing in Ratskellar and I hear they’re quite good! Let’s see, who else… Right, there’s Coal Goldwater and Goldbeard, I heard they just started taking requests at Skull’s Thunder. Thar be quite a few of us about the isles, playing all the old favorites and a few tunes ye’ve never heard before! Songs like “A Sailor’s Horizon”, “The Piper & the Piano”, and “A Hefty Swig o’ Rum” (my own personal favorite).

So come on down and visit us around the Caribbean! Spend a doubloon or two and hear one of yer old favorites, or try out a new tune! Hope to see you all in the Faithful Bride!