It was risky to be about the upper deck this late at night, but I had to take that chance. After reading the first letter, I had to go back. Something was pulling me there.

Luckily for me, the captain had gone ashore for the evening to catch up with some old crewmates. The cabin would be empty. Perfect timing. I slipped past the bosun who was asleep on deck. He was meant to be keeping watch for any out of line crewmates like myself, a pity (for him, anyway) that he had too much rum at dinner.

I quietly open the door to the captain’s cabin, careful not to make a sound. The letters are still there on his desk, illuminated by the moon.

When picking up the second letter, a sudden noise makes me jump. Realizing it was just someone dropping a crate and cursing at it outside, I returned to my reading. Like the others, this letter was yellowed with age, and the ink faded:

To my dearest love,

I miss you more and more each day. Yet each day I grow closer to seeing you again, for I have found the next blade.

It was where our benefactor said it would be; in possession of a Haitian witchdoctor who wielded it with great skill. His skill was less than mine, though and his blade now joins the other on my back. It truly is a work of art, a blade of sapphire, but stronger than any steel blade I have ever seen. The curse that grants it power is intense, I had to contend with a strange ice that froze me in place, and the witchdoctor shrugged off my cuts as if they did not pain him at all. I shall put his blade to better use than he did, for it will be used to free you, my love.

Already I can feel the madness creeping in, held at bay only by continuous thoughts of you; of your warm touch, and soft voice, and the love we share which cannot be broken by a thousand cursed blades. Keep watch for me, my sweet, we shall meet again.

Your eternally devoted love,

Again, the signature is too faded to read, but I think I can make out a few letters. Guesses on my part. Only parts of the signature can be discerned.

A shiver runs up my spine. The Captain is researching these blades for a reason. Perhaps it is time to visit my mother in Jamaica. After I read the third and final letter, of course…