Ahoy there, mateys!

Welcome back! Tomorrow be May 1st, an’ ye know what that means… another good ol’ Peddler spotlight! So, what do we have in store for ye this month? Quite a treat!

Everyone’s fan favorite, Capt. Black, makes a triumphant return! Get yerself those black an’ gold duds mates. Impress yer friends! They’ll be sure to draw a crowd on the beaches of Tortuga or the caves of Tormenta alike -- maybe not necessarily the good kind of crowd if yer in Tormenta though!

Now, onto the main attraction, this month’s all-new outfit: Capt. Blood. This number actually has quite a story, mates. Ye may notice that all us Peddlers be wearin’ the same hat. Well, that hat be for sale as part o’ this outfit. Ye see, this be a bit o’ a memorial of sorts.

Unlike Capt. Black, Capt. Blood was indeed a real person, mates. She was the finest thief supplier we Peddlers could hope for. When we opened shop many a year ago, she was the first one to donate her plunder for us to sell. An’ back then, we weren’t stingy, nay! We gave her a WHOLE 2% of our profits! Incredibly generous if ye ask me! It’s not like we were cheatin’ her though. She was quite a wealthy pirate.

She owned the very first Fortune Hunter ship. The design originated with her. She an’ her crew were so good at what they did, that they could paint the ship in gold. That is, until the Navy got wise… bounty hunters.

Me an’ Monger Morton were sneakin’ into a shop on Port Royal to steal acquire some new merchandise when we heard the news. Capt. Blood’s ship went down. The dreaded Red Dervish got her. We haven’t heard a word from her since.

Months went by. Me mates an’ I thought she be dead. But good ol’ Peddler Phillip heard a rumor on Padres... Some woman cloaked in the dead of night visited Clemence Basilshot an’ sold the Fortune Hunter designs for a pretty penny. The woman left as quickly as she came, boardin’ a sloop with blue sails.

I dunno about you, mates. But I be sure that was her. She’s out there. An’ so, for this month’s outfit, we’re puttin’ all pirates on alert. Wear her garb. Raise awareness. Maybe we can find her an’ bring her home.

An’ a word to the wise, she always changes her name. She’s gone by Bloodsilver, Bloodstock, Bloodvane, or just plain ol’ Blood. Keep an eye out, mates. It’d mean the world to us.

Until next month...