My children, my children! Listen well to what I have to tell you!

The stones of Padres Del Fuego whisper to me of a dark power growing across these seas! As you know, tomorrow be Friday the Thirteenth, a time when wicked magics are at their strongest. Now in the past, Jolly Roger has used this time as a means to increase his power but fear not!

We gypsies are casting powerful protection spells over the islands and it may be just enough to keep Jolly Roger away. However, should our spells fail and Jolly Roger succeed with his curse, you’ll need something to defend yourselves with!

I’ve made the PERFECT weapon for fending off the undead using a little voodoo and something from the Catacombs. Use the code SKELETON to receive this gift!

Also, it may be wise to disguise yourself as one of Jolly’s ghastly minions, you can get the Garb of the Undead from the Peddlers. Maybe that will confuse the curse and keep it from affecting you!

Being such short notice, I’ve only a limited supply of weapons and the Peddlers tell me there’s not much of the Garb of the Undead in stock. These items will only last until April 16th!

May good fortune follow you!