Ahoy, everyone!

Are you a macOS player? Have you been crashing whenever you head out to sea, walk around, or really just anywhere? Well, today’s update is just for YOU!  Yes, YOU!

We’ve heard your cries! In fact, we’ve been receiving thousands of messages about this issue.  And today we are finally releasing a patch!  All macOS users can now play with sound effects ON!

For a while now, macOS players have been unable to engage in any kind of gameplay without crashing.  This was due to a pesky audio bug. The only way to bypass this was turning off sound effects in-game.

This also affected pirates when trying to break out of jail.  The Navy was sure happy about this bug, so we just HAD to do something!  Those jails were getting full, and that’s no life for a pirate!

This issue has been present in TLOPO since the release of macOS support back in September 2015.  Our developers have been studying this issue ever since, and it’s been stumping us for years.

Rather than bore you with the technical details, we’ll just say that this was an INCREDIBLY difficult bug to fix located inside the core of our engine. It would be wrong to not give a special shoutout to the Panda3D team for releasing an update that fixed this. They are brilliant people and we hope you check them out!

Now, we’re well aware there are other issues with the macOS client.  Double backspace, broken caps lock, and camera panning issues are just a few of the other bugs macOS users have been experiencing.  And don’t worry, we have been cooking up some well-deserved fixes those issues and many more! Just hold on a bit longer!

A little sneak peek: We are working on another big engine update which will help reduce a lot of lag players are experiencing in-game.  This won’t be a final solution, but it will most certainly help! So stay tuned for that fix coming very soon!

Thank you all again for your continued patience and support!  See you on the High Seas!

~ The Crew @ The Legend of Pirates Online