Th’ seas have turned green! Why, ye ask? Well, that be me fault. A long story best told another time. However, some good be comin’ from it; it be a perfect backdrop fer arrr celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!

The Brethren Court be bringin’ ye a great celebration this year, mates! Peddlers be stocked with a very limited number o’ St. Patrick’s Day outfits. Get yers quick, afore they be all gone! Not wantin’ to lose out on the profits; ahem, holiday spirit, tattoo artists across th’ Caribbean arrr offerin’ exclusive St. Patrick’s Day tattoos! But mark ye well! Th’ green ink be hard t’ come by and so the tattoos be limited.

Last but certainly not least; even th’ bloody barbers be gettin’ in on the profits, I mean, celebrations! Back by popularrr demand, GREEN HAIR! Ye know ol’ Cap’n Graves will be sportin’ green hair fer months after this, har har! Like th’ tattoos, the dye is limited in quantity an’ so they can’t sell it forever, get it quick!

With such fantastic celebrations, ye be sure as shootin’ that I be celebratin’ as much as possible. Especially b’tween Marrrch 2nd - 28th, until 11:59 PM (EST), as that be th’ dates of celebration! Take what ye can, and give nothin’ back!