‘Tis Madness in March! I were approached earlier this very day by a bloke who wanted a position in me crew, and he were wearin’ a very unusual yet very classy outfit. I hire him o’ course, and asked him about his colorful attire. “Got it from Davy Doubloon,” he told me. So I went t’ see me good friend Davy, and sure as scurvy he had new outfits! “Fell off th’ back of a galleon,” says he. I love that, seems galleons ain’t good at carryin’ clothes fer they always be fallin’ overboard, but I digress.

The sharply dressed gentlemen now part o’ me crew were sportin’ what Davy calls the Emerald Duelist, but fer those of us who see arrrselves as too piratey fer that, thar be a tough as nails outfit, the Sea Serpent.

While checkin’ out Davy’s shop, I heard from one o’ his “salvagers” that a junk has been sighted in these waters. Junks basically be Chinese galleons, so I be sure they be droppin’ clothes off the back; ye can lay to that. Which reminds me, mates have been askin’ how ye can join me crew. Well, one lucky sea dog got a job by being well-dressed; perhaps that could work fer one of ye! I be needin’ a helmsman at the moment, perhaps an opportunity will arise in th’ near future… which also reminds me; Davy asked me to tell ye that a St. Patrick’s Day outfit be planned, an’ will be in stock soon, so keep yer deadlights open fer that one!

Anyway, make sure ye pick up yer outfits soon mates; I be told supplies are limited! See, galleons don’t have unlimited cargo space, so only a limited number fell off the back. So pick up yer outfits soon, an’ tell the peddlers that Cap’n Graves sent ye! Take what ye can, and give nothin’ back!