Ahoy, mates! It be time fer another celebration! While I agree, it always be a time to celebrate with a spot o' rum and some pleasurable company, thar actually be an excuse t' party in polite company, har har! It be Mardi Gras, and me sources among the pirate bands tell me that th' Brethren Court be bringin' back some old favorites.

First, thar be a big bonfire on Tortuga beach! Who don't love a big bonfire to dance 'round and impress th' ladies? Or the gentlemen, if ye be one of the ladies. Thar also be a fat pig or two roastin’ on said fire, so enjoy some roasted pork, curtesy o' the Brethren Court. Oh, and if ye fancy somethin' excitin', thar also be fireworks lightin' up the skies in celebration!

Second, th' peddlers felt inclined t' profit; ahem, I mean participate in th' festivities! Thar be an exclusive holiday outfit available fer the duration o' the celebration! Buy yers from the Peddlers on Tortuga, Port Royal, Padres del Fuego, and Cuba. It be quite a sight, th' most colorful outfit in th' Caribbean!

Party hard mates, for the festivities will only be 'round fer a short time; Februarrry 11th  to 17th to be exact. So make sure ye pick up an outfit, get yerself some pork, and dance 'round the fire this Mardi Gras season! Yo ho!