Ah, ahoy there, fellow sea lover.

Name’s Jesse Tidus here -- the one and only. I suppose you’ve heard of me before.

…What? You haven’t? Mind you, I’ve been busy making a name for myself as the “most handsome pirate” that these shores have ever laid their figurative eyes on.  

Hah! I’m only having a bit of fun. A bit of bamboozling, if you will. I really am quite handsome though. That part is most definitely not a lie. You may ask: how did someone as charming and sophisticated as I… end up in a life of piracy?

Oh? Are you interested? Ah, well. That’s a story for another time, love.

Charming a fair lass is an easy task for someone like me, of course. But not quite easy to this young fellow: Sid Tackem, was it? I hear from my comrade, Erin Amorous, that Sid seems to have a bit of a love conundrum. Fancies this lady named Dedrie Dunnam, but lacks the, um, proper gallantry to ask for her affections. And you see, I haven’t got the time to assist the poor fellow. Perhaps maybe you could lend a helping hand in my stead, my new seafaring friend.

It’s all in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, why isn’t it? Go on then, have a chat with Erin Amorous, and he can get you started on becoming a full-fledged matchmaker. The fella usually hangs out at the Rowdy Rooster in Port Royal. And if his Black Guard uniform seems off-putting to you… well, you best hold onto your bloomers. It’s only a disguise! But you didn’t hear that from me, love.

And what about you? Have you got a lover yourself? A special lass or lad? I’d give you some … agreeable words to utter to the one whom you hold dear to your heart, but, if you type /flirt to your beloved, that should do the trick. However, no matter what coquettish words spill out of your mouth, nobody would look twice at you if you continue to wear that dreadful get-up. You should be able to acquire the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit from the peddlers, and then you can look as stunning as me, friend. Go and get your bonnie lass. Or … bonnie lad, I suppose.

Well, I’d best be off. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching; I’ve spotted an alluring lass over by the docks, so I suppose it’s time to ... go fishing. Hopefully I catch a legendary, hmm?

Hurry along, now. Love is in the air, but only from February 10th to the 17th.


Until next time, love.

Jesse Tidus, Your Most Captivating Freebooter