Ahoy there, maties!

We hope ye’ve been enjoyin’ the recent additions to our catalog as of late!  We’ve gotten lots o’ new designs comin’ in from an anonymous donor, and let me say… they’ve been a huge hit!  Thanks for yer support.

This month, we’re continuin’ the trend, with the all-new Pirate Stargazer outfit.  Early reviews are raving about this one, mates!  Lasses, ye can now own a new long skirt, an item never-before-seen in the Caribbean ‘til now.

We also have the ever-popular Raven’s Cove Mercenary returnin’ this month.  With all the pirates on the island as of late, we knew it’d be the perfect time for it to show up again!

Now, I’ll try to give ye a little tease as to what’s comin’ next month, but I be warnin’ ye, mates, I be bad at this!  These two outfits be quite… fancy.  One be diplomatic, while the other ain’t quite as peaceful.  Ye’ll have to command quite a presence to pull that outfit off, mate.

Oh, and one more thing.  Keep an eye out for another flash sale later this month.

Fair winds!