Ahoy, pirates!

Ye know me not, but I bring good tidings to pirates everywhere, and many gifts!  I be watchin’ yer travels all across the Caribbean, and have decided to help pirates in their battle against the fearsome Jolly Roger.  To this end, I be scatterin’ my treasure all across the Caribbean!  

Ye can start by visitin’ the Peddlers, who have found their wares expanded greatly.  Now they be sellin’ two outfits every month!  Arrr, ye be hearin’ me right, a second outfit, brand new and never before seen!  This month ye’ll be findin’ the brand new French Privateer and Winter Mystic outfits!  These threads have not been seen before!  Get ‘em while they be hot cold!  Also, keep an eye out for the Winter Festival outfit, coming to Peddlers along with some other holiday cheer later this month...

In addition to the gifts above, Peddlers will be seein’ regular drop-offs of new clothing from me, but the supply be limited!  These new flash sales will last for three days at a time, so keep an eye out for when one appears!  In fact, I may just be leavin’ them somethin’ soon…

The fun doesn’t end here pirates!  I be a wealthy individual, and I’d be lyin’ if I said I didn’t have more to give.  To celebrate a recent ol’ tenth anniversary, I be leavin’ you with another new outfit: Caribbean Day.  It’ll be at Peddlers until Hollowed Woods closes, so get it while ye can!  

Now, there be one outfit that comes not from me, but I have heard tales of it appearin’ in Hollowed Woods!  Surely an outfit we don’t deserve, but one we certainly need: Caribbean Night!  Go and pick it up while ye can, pirates!

Aye, it’s time for me to take a rest though.  I leave ye with one final message:  Keep ye eyes fixed on the stars, for a mercenary comes soon!

Oh, and I almost forgot!  I be hearin’ rumors that the Brethren Court has devised a better way for pirates to store their treasure, based on popular request.  Keep an eye on the horizon, for soon ye’ll be able to store twice as many articles of clothing at all times!  Great timin’, don’t ye think?