To the various pirates, brigands, scoundrels, and ne’er-do-wells that call the Caribbean home, I give ye a warning most dire.  I were out upon the seas when I saw a large force of ships sailing on the horizon.  Elite Warships, sailing under the commanding presence of a fearsome Ship of the Line.  The red and white sails, the Royal Seal emblem, and the Union Jack identified them readily; a large Royal Navy force.  Me crew feared bounty hunting warships, an’ a large force of them at that, but I knew better.  I had heard rumors that the EITC had found something on Port Royal, something they wanted to take from the island and protect afore we pirates can get it.  Now, a massive and well-armed Navy fleet has appeared.

Taken separately, these events seem unrelated. Unless ye know, as I do, that the Royal Navy command, based in Fort Charles, has been thoroughly paid off by Lord Beckett and the East India Trading Company.  It were clear to me that th’ EITC has contracted the Navy to help them move their plunder to whatever secret hole they has for it.  I ordered me flagship to attack; I know th’ Navy well and they did not disappoint, the battle were over quickly, four warships burning and the Ship of the Line disabled and captured.  We took what we could carry and burned the ship; among the captain’s papers was proof that I were correct.  The Royal Navy an’ EITC have combined their forces to form massive Treasure Fleets; heavily armored vessels fer transporting whatever they found in Port Royal.

This brings me to the reason I gathered ye here now; these fleets must be stopped.  While I have faith in the strength of me an’ me crew, we are but one ship.  We must all stand together, or we will all hang separately.  The Royal Navy and EITC wish to use what they found to destroy us.  We cannot let that happen! Gather yer mates, forge alliances, build yer strength, and stop the Treasure Fleets!  Not only will ye be saving yer homes an’ mates, those ships be filled with priceless treasure; let’s make it ours!  The enemy is coming, an’ we must be ready for ‘em!  Take what ye can, and give nothin’ back!


Captain Edward Graves,

Scourge of the Caribbean