To the Brethren of the Coast and all the pirates in the Caribbean, I tell tales of a celebration fit fer scoundrels and scallywags like us!  In keepin’ with the traditions of The Brethren Court, we be proud to bring ye with this year’s Brethren Feast!

This be a timeless tradition; a celebration to honor those who have fought bravely to defend th’ Caribbean and got rich doing it.  On the beaches of Tortuga, me crew will have a roarin’ fire going and a nice fat pig roastin’, fer those who wish to dine like the kings we arrr!  We tried to get a turkey as well, but she declined arrr invitation when we tried to have her over fer dinner; har har harrr!

The festivities will begin at midnight on Novembarrr 21st and end at 11:59 in the evenin’ on the 30th.  Ten whole days of celebrating in the best way we know how!  Come and join us, and gobble-gobble-gobble up some fine roasted ham!  Arrrgh!!!

Captain Edward Graves,

Scourge of the Caribbean