Ahoy, everyone!

Happy Halloween, and Happy 10th Anniversary! We're so excited! Today's the day! As of right now, Hollowed Woods is live!

In case you haven't heard, Hollowed Woods is an all-new location exclusive to TLOPO. Along with it comes a brand new quest and over 50 new items!

To begin the quest, visit Anne Goldsilver on Port Royal across from the jail. The quest is available for all levels, but less experienced pirates may need help defeating high-level enemies required to complete the quest.

So... what is there left to do after you complete the quest? Quite a lot! Three new Event Rewards vendors have set up shop in Hollowed Woods selling all-new clothing, tattoos, and weapons respectively. Now, it won't just be as easy as trading in your gold for these items! There's a lot more involved.

We've also added three new material types: Small, Large, and Haunted Bones. You can loot bones from a variety of places across the Caribbean, including from the three new bosses in Hollowed Woods...

You can use these new materials to purchase the new items! Some may be very easy to get, while others are more difficult. Now, just what are these items? Well, we want it to be a surprise (at least for now). Head on over to Hollowed Woods to check them out for yourself!

In addition to the new items in the shops, you can loot five new bandanas across the Caribbean, with the sixth given out as a reward, along with a double experience boost, at the end of the Hollowed Woods quest.

Hollowed Woods will be open until December 31st. We intend to make Hollowed Woods an annual event every Halloween, so it will be back next year!

Oh! And before we head off, there's one more tiny little thing. Multiple clothing items now have color variations, meaning you can buy colored versions of them at shops, and, more importantly... loot bright versions of them. Dark Black Embellished Vest, here we come!

Happy Halloween, mates! And Happy 10th Anniversary!

The Crew @ The Legend of Pirates Online