Howdy, mates!

Me name be Bargain Billy.  If me name ain’t a hint enough, yer best bet fer good deals on the hottest garb be with me.  Me good lads Davy and Morton be lettin’ me promote this month’s rather… opulent selection of wares.

Although, methinks they just didn’t wanna talk about our little catalog fiasco the other day!  Ye see, our suppliers accidentally sent in all of our wares ahead of time!  We were overstocked, so we had to have a lil’ ol’ clearance sale.  We hope ye enjoy those new duds!

Now, ye all are in for a flamboyant treat this month -- I be honored to introduce ye to “Rogue Privateer.”  Ye all will find that this garb be quite rugged, and the red accents be perfect for hidin’ blood stains from brawlin’!

Was a pretty unexpected find, this outfit was.  I was sneakin’ along and spelunkin’ in the Royal Caverns when I stumbled upon a suspicious lookin’ chest.  It was large and gold, like them Royal Chests the Navy likes to transport their sweet, sweet gold in.  Bein’ the kind o’ bloke I am who loves some good loot, I cracked that chest wide open and found piles and piles o’ this here garb.  I rounded up as many outfits as me arms could hold and made a dash back to the Port Royal beaches, happy with me discovery.

Also since this be the month of Halloween, we Peddlers be providin’ a very special and highly requested outfit: “Garb of the Undead.”  I was able to pick these off the bones of a few o' Jolly’s cretins meself!  These be in short supply though, mates, so mark ye well!  This outfit be available 'til 11:59PM EDT on October 31st.

Now don’t be forgettin’ about last month’s “Capt. Black” outfit.  If ye be so interested, make yer grab soon, since it expires on the same day as Garb of the Undead, October 31st.  Stocks be dangerously low.

Before I be departin’, I’ll let ye in on a little secret.  I been seein’ lotsa Jolly’s thugs runnin’ around Port Royal.  They be lookin’ for somethin’, but I’m not sure what…  Best keep a lookout.

Fair winds, all!