Ahoy there!

Can you believe that only 7 days remain until the exciting release of Open Beta? We’ve come such a long way!

On September 11th, 2015, Closed Alpha became available to a small pool of players.  Yeah, I’m sure some of you miss having to hunt down those Alpha Keys.  I’m sure you also miss only having fishing and potions for entertainment.  Needless to say, many things in TLOPO have changed for the better.  Not only did our player base increase from a few hundred to 107,000, but the content that we had to offer to the community multiplied.  This wasn’t easy though!  This only happened thanks to our amazing staff team and the overwhelming support we have received from all of you fantastic fans.  Happy Birthday, TLOPO.  Here's to a third year.

It was great to see so many of you stress testing Abassa on Sunday.  Abassa was doing great, managing all 350 of you on it at once!  We made sure to not only increase the server count to 16 but to also increase the quality of each and every single one of them.  You’ll see this in full force next Tuesday!

In order to get you all more excited for September 19th, we’ve prepared a little surprise.  The development team composed an Open Beta trailer that you surely won't want to miss.  You might find yourself in it!

Now, less reading and more watching. By the way, we’re going to need you all to watch the video carefully.  There is another surprise hidden somewhere (not really, it’s hard to miss!):