This is yer port of call for frequently asked questions about Arrrmor.

What's Arrrmor? IMG What is Arrrmor?

Arrrmor is a security feature offered by TLOPO designed to protect yer account. This feature offers players enhanced protections to help prevent unauthorized access to yer account.

Think of it as a special lock on yer treasure chest that makes it so only ye can open it! Even if another pirate finds yer key, yer precious items are still secure!

How does Arrrmor work? IMG How does Arrrmor work?

When ye login to TLOPO, Arrrmor will use yer IP Addresses to verify that ye are who ye claim to be! Yer IP Address is used on the internet as a public method of communication, and it also provides very limited location data. Arrrmor will ensure that each login location is from a known location of yer account.

If ye login from an unknown location, ye will receive an email requesting that ye click a link to validate that it was ye was the one actually opening yer treasure box.

Arrrmor includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from

Why should I use Arrrmor? IMG Why use it?

At TLOPO, we are always doing everything we can to ensure that everyone plays in a safe and secure environment. Enabling this feature will further ensure that no unauthorized pirates can get into yer account.

If ye have a pirate deleted from yer account, only accounts with Arrrmor or Two-Factor Authentication enabled will be able to have their pirate recovered. If a pirate is deleted, that pirate's account owner must contact TLOPO within 10 days from the time of its deletion to have it recovered. Beyond that time, there is no guarantee that yer pirate can be recovered.

How else can I keep my account safe? IMG What other ways can I secure my account?

In addition to using Arrrmor, we strongly recommend using Two-Factor Authentication ("2FA"). 2FA is another security feature offered by TLOPO which adds an additional layer of protection to yer account.

The concept of 2FA is to have something ye know, such as a password, and something ye physically have, such as a 2FA code. When using 2FA, ye must use a 2FA app, such as Google Authenticator or Authy, to provide a unique code to log into yer account. We have designed these systems to be effective but non-intrusive, meaning they won't annoy ye.

Similar to Arrrmor, 2FA will remember yer location and only periodically ask ye for yer 2FA code.

Is it safe to use my TLOPO password on other websites? IMG Is it safe to reuse passwords?

No! Never ever, ever, ever do this. If there is a website with malicious intent, or even just bad web developers, they might not handle yer passwords properly and could even use them to gain unauthorized access to yer accounts on other websites.

Never use the same password as yer TLOPO account on yer email address. If a malicious pirate guesses yer email password, they can reset TLOPO password and get yer Arrrmor tokens!

I don't want to use Arrrmor. How do I disable it? IMG How do I disable Arrrmor

If ye wish to disable Arrrmor, ye can do so by going to yer account page. However, Arrrmor can only be disabled after three successful login locations are verified on yer account.

Only accounts with Arrrmor or Two-Factor Authentication enabled will be able to have pirates recovered in the event that they are deleted - even if it was by ye!